Vertex Functionality

Fill Libraries with own Profiles, Materials and Details

Vertex is a highly customizable business software. The core of settings is inserting own cross-sections, types of connections, sheathing and siding materials, as well as details. Basing on your own material library clients then create own framing libraries, standard walls, floors and trusses. Finally the design is quick and accurate since it uses already created standard elements.

Connect to your Machines and Controllers

Vertex integrates and successfully works with equipment of most leading world roll-forming manufacturers. Production orders go directly to the automatic controls. Vertex helps to do necessary customization work is needed. For machines without automatic controllers Vertex provides comprehensive drawings and cutting lists

Do all Architectural Design within Vertex

If you have Vertex you do not need another architectural program . Create full-scale projects using a wide toolkit including  designing of walls, floors , roofs , windows, doors, various macros, landscape. Save parts as building option for automodeling.

Generate Framing Automatically

Vertex supports BIM approach. Therefore LGS framing is a part of created architectural project and can be generated from your model any time and automatically. So you can concentrate on architectural part, return to it as often as necessary to change, modify or correct, knowing that regeneration of framing does not consume your time.

Use Wide Tools of Engineering Calculations

Vertex offers various ways to get engineering estimation of your project. Own engineering module supports truss calculations and return comprehansive results for your engineers. STAAD Pro export format allows to export model to STRAP professional engineering software. Vertex also support other export formats especially IFC for integration with other packages.

Drawings, calculations and material lists

Vertex reporting functionality can create assembly drawings for workshop and construction site , including the complete list of the profiles of each panel , length, weight , labeling , order assembly , sheeting panels and the number of screws. Adding weights and costs to material library will allow you to get full calculations from more than 30 built-in templates, including ones in excel format.

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