How to buy

Light Guage Steel technology powered by Vertex CAD software brings huge business value to construction market

Purchasing option

Please contact us to get a quote. Sales price is the same for all countries and depends only on type of equipment that you use. We have many different NC links to most world roll-formermers and controllers. If you do not need automatic transfer of orders to machines, then you buy Vertex without output module.

Leasing option

You can buy Vertex in Leasing paying the price in 4 installments during 2 years. It is a more flexible option. The interest is 10% and you also need to pay for technical support for these 2 years. Contact us for quote.

Testing option

We can organize testing option. You will get fully functioning Vertex for 1 month. You will also get 8-hours introductory course to learn how to design basic buildings in Vertex. The testing software and the course will allow you to touch Vertex functionality and get feeling of Vertex workflow.

Interested in Vertex?